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Metadata drives Audience Growth for Niche Channels

I recently commented on the importance of metadata for rights management during distribution. While cleaning my email inbox I revisited a story from late last year, on how over-the-top content providers (generally niche) can use metadata from social media and other sources to help grow their audiences.

The principle seems to be that social media is a way of connecting with like-minded people, and therefore a way of finding an audience that matches your content. It’s not a deep read, but worth three minutes of your time.

I think the main take-away always seems to come back to this:

Olympusat Holdings CEO Tom Mohler said “with a sea of data available at content providers’ fingertips, the dilemma is in figuring out exactly what information you want and how to turn it into something actionable.”

Although Pure Flix Digital CEO Greg Gudorf said about finding an audience for their faith-based movie God is Not Dead:

And you find out, in our case as a faith and family friendly service, you find out the churches they are involved in. You hear that coming through the conversations and you can reach out to that. It’s a basic blocking and tackling of marketing more than anything else, but it’s got to be done and it’s got to be done at a consumer level.

Hard slog work, but that’s always the trade off: if you have money you can save time in building an audience; otherwise I hop you have time!