Sentiment Analysis: Any role in Production Processes?

One of the smart algorithms that developers can call on is Sentiment Analysis (by that or another name). Sentiment Analysis simply reads the sentiment – positive, neutral or negative – from a body of messages. It can also provide the same information on single ‘documents’, which could be transcripts.

MonkeyLearn – one of the providers of these smart algorithms – has an example of sentiment analysis from the current electoral cycle.

My question is, does this sort of metadata about the content of media, provide any benefit for post production processes; in sorting or organizing footage; or is this something you’d ever want to search for?

2 thoughts on “Sentiment Analysis: Any role in Production Processes?”

  1. Yes, I’d love to have it. Especially in larger projects while you’re still trying to learn just what the hell the production crew sent to you for you to edit.

  2. Hey Philip, Ben,

    Would love to see how this gets implemented and what other ideas can come up using Machine Learning algorithms from MonkeyLearn.

    Just send us an email if you need any help.


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