LWPG with Ryan Velin and Mads Larsen Nielsen

By some odd co-incidence, after a run of guest one at a time, we have two pairs of guests in a row: this time Ryan Velin and Mads Larsen Nielsen.

Mads Larsen Nielsen

FCPX Post System Integrator, Metronome Mads Larsen Nielsen has 15 years of editing experience. As network system integrator he has handled more than 100 documentaries and large scale television productions. Since arriving at Metronome Productions 3 years ago, he has been responsible for developing network and server environments and optimising workflows for Final Cut Pro X productions.

Ryan Velin

Head of Final Cut Pro X Post Production, Metronome Ryan Velin has been an editor at Metronome Productions for more than five years. For the past 4 years he has been in charge of implementing Final Cut Pro X into post production and is now entirely committed to coming up with new ways of working and the implementation of new technology all revolving around Final Cut Pro X.

Introduction  0’ 13”

Their experimental role at Metronome  2’ 02”

Career History  4’ 40”

Dealing with massive amounts of footage, and pre-editing 7’ 14”

The difference between a pre-cut and editing  9’ 02”

Career Start – Ryan  15’ 41”

Does a history of touching media help?  18’ 20’

Final Cut Pro X ‘tactile’  18” 57”

Career Start – Mads  20’ 15”

Philip’s projectionist sting  29’ 09”

Collecting films  29’ 54”

Biggest change in career so far  31’ 13”

Analog Mindset  34’ 43”

Finder Tags vs Folders  36’ 39”

Toward the future  39’ 30”

Science Fiction  41’ 30

Biggest Change coming?  43’ 07”

Different types of Artificial Intelligence  48’40”

Advice to those starting their career  49’ 24”