LWPG with Ronny Courtens and Nouch Demeulenaere

The latest in our lunch series is with Ronny Courtens and Nouch Demeulenaere recorded during IBC in September 2016. Ronny has had an amazing career across Europe, from Olympic broadcasting to mainstream television. Nouch is both Ronny’s assistant and a video artist in her own right.


Introduction  and Career  0’ 20”

Final Cut Pro X  1’ 21”

Early FCP X in a high pressure collaborative environment  2’ 35”

The beginning of Lumberjack System  5’ 11”

Why were you excited about FCP X  7’ 05”

The difference between the USA and Europe  11’ 16”

Final Cut Pro X Community  16’ 50”

Dealing with Change  (FCP X) 19’ 01”

Why FCP X is good for workflows  25’ 57”

Biggest Change so far  28’56”

‘Retirement’  29’ 48”

The future of FCP X & comparisons with other NLEs  32’ 00”

Shared Storage  40’ 15”

Future Change  56’ 49”

Apple Ecosystem  59’ 53”

Advice to career starter  65’ 52”

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