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Apple buys (another) Facial Recognition Company – AI Based

In September 2010 Apple purchased Swedish facial recognition company Polar Rose, and today we learn they’ve purchased Israeli startup RealFace: “a cybersecurity and machine learning firm specializing in facial recognition technology”.

What is different between the two purchases is that this latest is based on machine learning.

…the startup had developed a unique facial recognition technology that integrates artificial intelligence and “brings back human perception to digital processes”. RealFace’s software is said to use proprietary IP in the field of “frictionless face recognition” that allows for rapid learning from facial features.

Another step towards our software identifying and labelling people in our media.







3 responses to “Apple buys (another) Facial Recognition Company – AI Based”

  1. mark Raudonis

    Imagine Facial recognition enabled logging! No more pesky keyboard entries… and if you happen to be working with celebrity casts… it would already know who they are!

    1. Philip

      Absolutely. Already we have and other facial recognition APIs. Automatic Metadata is the future, and closer than most expect. Except Terry Curren! 😉

      1. Philip

        And everyone else will be recognized by hooking into their social media accounts.