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The uncanny valley has been a limiting factor on creating realistic humans, but a Nividia research team in Finland have created some amazingly realistic looking humans (and mostly quite attractive ones) using Artificial Intelligence in an approach that goes beyond the limits of training data (to some degree).

To recap, Machine Learning (what we’re really talking about here) has relied on massive amounts of marked up training data to derive it’s internal “algorithm” to match the marked up results on new material. Machines can also be challenged like Googles “walk upright.” To get that results, the machine was challenged to generate actions that “moved forward” and “stayed upright.” It took many iterations to get the results in the video.

This Nividia team has a double “AI” approach. The machine being challenged to create new human face “like but different from” its training set, it matched against another machine that’s been trained to recognize human faces. If machine one can fool machine too into believing it’s created a real face, that’s success.

The images are pretty incredible. Even the eyes are not much lifeless than the average human model!

For now they’re relatively low resolution still images, but we all know that still images will lead to motion images, which will lead – ultimately – to synthetic actors that are “like” your current favorite.

Thereby killing all future movie and TV acting jobs.

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