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IBM Watson is a Sports Guru?

Two recent announcement place IBM’s Artificial Intelligence play, Watson, right in the sports spotlight.

Watson is being used for tagging World Cup coverage, and the relationship with Wimbledon from picking highlights and enhancing user experience to, this year, designing the poster!

Fox Sports uses Watson to:

…launch “The Highlight Machine,” a dedicated web portal that allows fans to browse through FIFA’s archive of matches (approximately 300 matches from 1958-2014) and create their own custom highlight reels of teams and players. The interactive site also allows users to customize highlights by year and play type and share clips via social media.

During 2017’s Wimbledon tournament IBM Watson: provided real time match reports (rivaling reporters and traditional outlets for news and insights); analyzed an estimated 53,713,514 tennis data points; and powered a voice-activated digital assistant – “Fred” – who helps attendees find their way around the venue.

It seems machine learning is powering more and better extraction of all kinds of metadata.