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Logging Real Time? Don’t Panic, Back-time!

At Lumberjack System, we frequently get push back that it’s “too hard” to log during the shoot. If you’re manipulating a camera (reframing etc) then sure you can’t log. And if you’re holding a boom, ditto. But if you’re monitoring audio during recording, or running the interview, then it is totally possible to log during the shoot with no added stress.

I do it all the time. For my family history project I set up cameras, mics and audio records and run the interview and log. Lunch with Philip and Greg is much the same, with the added complication of eating.

The best approach is to work in back-time mode and relax. Back-time eliminates the stress of anticipating when an answer starts because you’re logging “in the past”

I typically work with the 5 second back time on by default. This means I can be fully engaged with the subject while asking the question, and continue to be engaged with them as they start their answer. I can glance down after a few seconds (fewer than five!) and tap on the keyword start.

This takes the stress and tension out of having to “get it right on the moment.”

Back time also allows us to add a new keyword and log it from up to 90 seconds in the past. Keyword range end is always the current time.






2 responses to “Logging Real Time? Don’t Panic, Back-time!”

  1. Frans

    Yes it will be possible, but only for them who are able to use 10 fingers!
    I only use 2, never learned to type.



    1. Philip

      We’re not talking about typing, just tapping a keyword on and then off again. Only on finger required. If you have to add a keyword then you would two finger type it on the iOS keyboard. But with a much longer back time.