EIDR and DDEX to streamline Metadata Standards

According to MESA’s SmartScreen news the two metadata standards bodies Entertainment Identifier Registry (EIDR) and Digital Data Exchange (DDEX) are working together to streamline music metadata with film and TV metadata.

“Music synchronization is an inseparable part of film and TV production,” Will Kreth, EIDR executive director, said in the announcement. He added: “This partnership will have a truly significant impact on all rights-holders. It may seem trivial to agree on standard IDs and common wording, but you can’t effectively measure or monetize what you can’t easily identify — and the truth is, even small inconsistencies can hold up payments of sync rights. We are excited to work with DDEX to make the whole process more efficient on all sides.”


It won’t make any difference in production, but for those working in distribution it will be important.