If Production were Food Service

I’ve long struggled with a good way of expressing the diverse range of work that’s done under the banner of “professional production.” Then inspiration hit me at last month’s LACPUG meeting when I discovered that Blackmagic Design Product Specialist Shawn Carlson used to be a chef in fine dining restaurants: What if we compared the diversity of professional production to the diversity of professional food service.

There’s a very clear distinction between food prepared at home (hobby/amateur) and food prepared outside the home and purchased. There is no “prosumer” in food service, as indeed there shouldn’t be in production.

Professional food service encompasses a very, very wide range of experiences. From Michelin Starred and Fine Dining restaurants, through formal dining, casual dining, quick service, take out, all the way down to food trucks and hamburger huts. Wherever you work, whichever market segment the food service, there’s no doubt that everyone is in professional food service. They are professionals.

I have no problem equating the Studio Film (and high end TV) to the Michelin and Fine Dining restaurants. High cost, high value and a unique experience unlike other dining opportunities.

Fortunately for my budget they’re not the only type of professional food service, and “Hollywood” isn’t the only type of professional production. There’s a lot of different types of professional production as there are food service. Weddings, Events, Journalism, Corporate, Education, Social Media, Product marketing, Product Help, video catalogs, etc.

There’s not one type of “professional” in either industry.