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We have a 10 Year Old App!

While it’s not the first app we released, Sequence Clip Reporter has now been serving the Final Cut Pro, Premiere Pro and Resolve communities for 10 years! That’s an impressive achievement for a small Independent Software Vendor.

Greg and I are fortunate that we are able to make a decent income serving our community with tools that give them more time to do what they really want to do, instead of the boring parts of post. We’ve seen other ISVs move on to employment where they can get a more stable return for their skills. Being an ISV is a hard business.

Sequence Clip Reporter arose from a suggestion by our friend Les Perkins after I demonstrated some (now defunct) apps Greg had written. In those early days we had no idea what software helpers people needed, so we tended to follow up on most suggestions. Sequence Clip Reporter was an exception as most ideas turned out to fit a fairly narrow workflow.

Sequence Clip Reporter was created for FCP Classic, and we expected it to fade out over time, but with a little tweaking to accommodate Adobe’s custom version of FCP Classic XML, it’s now a valuable tool for the Premiere Pro community. It turns out Sequence Clip Reporter is the better of our reporting tools for Resolve as Resolve is a track based NLE.

Of course Producer’s Best Friend is our FCP X reporting tool that fits in where Sequence Clip Reporter does for Premiere Pro and Resolve. While superficially similar – they both produce all types of reports – the structure and the way the two apps work is remarkably different.

Happy Birthday Sequence Clip Reporter.






One response to “We have a 10 Year Old App!”

  1. John B

    Bravo you two. You just made something that people wanted and then made it better and better.