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Creativity gets a new Canvas

One of my deep regrets is that I have no native sketching skills, nor have I taken the time to learn, so it’s always a challenge when I have a mental picture that I’d love to visualize. Enter NVIDIA Canvas, which turns “simple” brush strokes into realistic landscape images.

I put “simple” in inverted commas because those brush stokes are painting landscape elements like water, mountains, greenery, etc. Canvas interprets the brush stokes and draws in appropriate landscape elements.

This is another excellent example of Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning in action enhancing the creativity of individuals. It’s only a matter of time when creative visualization – i.e. getting the image in your mind on to digital canvas – embraces more image types than landscapes. Imaging “painting” all types of imagery with the same simplicity.

You can view a “Two minute paper” review is on YouTube discussing the science.

NVIDIA posted an update to Canvas (version 1.1) that significantly improves image quality and the range of materials you can paint with.

If I were creating images daily this macOS guy would be buying a PC just to run NVIDIA Canvas! You can download the beta for Canvas for free and learn more at NVIDIA.