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Netflix’s Validation Framework for Unreal Engine Cements Unreal in the Cinematic Universe

If I were staring my career now, I’d be focusing on Artificial Intelligence and Unreal Engine. One for making me more creative, and one opening a whole storytelling universe “on my desktop.” Given that I focused on post production because it had air conditioning, being able to control my “shooting universe” in air conditioning is definitely appealing. Unreal Engine has become a standard cinematic storytelling tool, and now with Netflix’s Validation Framework for it, it had de facto approval. Netflix have used Unreal Engine on 1899 and Super Giant Robot Brothers among other. 

A Validation Framework not only ensures that all settings are correct and included files included, but also includes a support system to guide users through correcting any errors. And because I can, I’ve included a couple of Unreal Engine Cinematic examples.

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Netflix has approved Unreal Engine on more than the productions noted above, and each iteration has been a learning experience, but one where each production has been “starting over.” With so many settings and permutations it’s easy to get the deliverables wrong. Enter Netflix’s Validation Framework for Unreal Engine, which is a plug-in for the app.

You can read the specific benefits from the framework in their blog entry.

15 Graphic Demos

Take a look at a representative sampling of the cinematic potential.

The Matrix Awakens: An Unreal Engine 5 Experience

A “fan fiction” Matrix experience rendered in Unreal Engine. These examples render in real time on modest hardware like X-Box and Playstation, which is why its very popular for revisualization. This particular example shows the (current) limitations on Metahumans. They are very driven by the performance capture.

It’s an extended example which shows some of the cinematic possibilities of Unreal Engine. Like every creative endeavor, the level of finish and realism is driven by the skill of the creatives.

Speaking of Metahumans

There’s an obvious attempt at a Metahuman Neo in the Matrix Awakens experience above, it’s harder to recreate a person than create a completely fictional character. Here’s an example of Hermione Granger Made Using Unreal Engine 5.

If you want to see more of what Unreal Engine is doing in the cinematic space, search Unreal Engine Demo on YouTube and you’ll find dozens of examples.