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Solar Odyssey Audio Choices

Continuing the haiku that is Solar Odyssey production with the audio question. Audio has never been my strongest point although I’ve always had the good sense to hire someone for whom it was a strong point!

No such luck here. There’s simply not room in the crew for a dedicated audio person.

There are also two audio problems to solve: on Ra (our boat) and off Ra. Continue reading Solar Odyssey Audio Choices

It’s a Production Haiku called Solar Odyssey

Back when I wrote for print magazines, one of the greatest challenges was writing an article to fit the constrained space. Writing the article was never the problem; whittling it down to the allotted word count took more time than the writing. Cutting away a little at a time to the absolute minimum that will convey the content.

Much like the constraint of a Haiku focuses on both simplicity and structure, the production choices I’ve had to make for Solar Odyssey are the paring down to absolute simplicity. Oh, and invent some new technology along the way! Continue reading It’s a Production Haiku called Solar Odyssey