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How to protect the Internet from Politicians

The latest bit of insanity in legislation (part 654 in an ongoing series) has Rep. Michael G. Fitzpatrick (R-Pa.) brining up a Bill to “ban from schools” in order to “protect the children”. Leaving aside the facts that parents are where the responsibility lies, and that, given the 80 million members, MySpace is safer than the school itself because more teachers have been convicted of molesting children than has ever come via MySpace or equivalent, this piece of extreme stupidity once again proves that Legislators don’t seem to have any idea of anything regarding the Internet.

Fortunately this piece of lunacy is unlikely to go beyond grandstanding by Rep. Fitzpatrick, but if it did the “Deleting Online Predators Act” would be devestating for the Internet because it’s badly drafted and way too broad. If Wikipedia were commercial it would not be available in schools or libraries. And, just btw, MySpace and equivalent social networking sites now cover half the Internet’s users.

I say every legislator in every assembly should show a working knowledge or the subject before they’re allowed to vote on, let alone draft, legislation.







7 responses to “How to protect the Internet from Politicians”

  1. Expecting legislators to have a working knowledge of the subject? Glad to see you haven’t lost your sense of humor. And what would we do with the unemployable lobbyists that will be panhandling at rush hour along the Beltway?

  2. Yes, I know it’s optimistic to expect legislators to have any knowledge of a subject. And I guess it’s equally optimistic to think people are going to exercise their democratic voice to express to their legislator their opinion of what the politician is doing wrong.

    But I’ve got to try and raise awareness and action. Until I get citizenship in this fine nation, I’m without a vote of my own to exercise.


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  4. Philip, I just got my Canadian Citizenship. I think it’s time you thought about moving north….


  5. Congratulations Graeme. Yeh, I guess it would be easier for us in Canada than here but it’s warmer here 🙂


  6. Warmer – it’s 31c today 🙁 Way too hot for me. Roll on -30c winters – that’s what I say! Oh no, my igloo has melted.


  7. Won’t be long now before the weather’s milder in Canada. I’m staying here. My Massachusetts home 30 miles inland will be beachfront property for the grandkids.