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Calendar and bio additions to the blog

It wasn’t until recently that I realized I had no “about Philip” or bio, whatever, on the site, so I’ve added a page so you can find out a little more about me, if you care.

Another addition is the calendar of upcoming presentations. Over then next couple of months I’ll be attending or speaking at the Orange county MCA-I Media Camp tomorrow (Saturday June 20). Media Camp is like a Bar camp, itself a reaction to the O’Reilly FOO (Friends of O’Rielly) exclusive, invite-only conference.  A Bar Camp (Foo Bar, get it?) is the opposite. Anyone is welcome, there’s no formal agenda so you make of it what the participants want to make it.

The Orange County Media Camp is like that – we’ll all be getting together and talking about/planning etc media production and distribution topics. I guess. I won’t know until I get there.

Then there’s DV Expo coming up In September, and the Professional Video Association’s Conference in January 2010 – more on that later but I’ll be presenting a full day on Final Cut Pro titling and a full day on growing your production or postproduction business.

In between I expect to be doing some presentations in Boston, Connecticut and New York and, depending on timing, other user groups or dealers. These will include a full day on New Media – where we’re going and how we’ll make money; and free sessions on how to benefit from First Cuts, Finisher, and Sync-N-Link. We may do the Growing your Business seminar there as well.

I hope to see you at one of the events. If you read the blog, come and say hello.