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Jibjab Co-founders: Advertising doesn’t work

Jibjab Co-founders: Advertising Doesn’t Work Not for producing high quality produced product at scale.

JibJab are best known for their “This Land” around the Kerry/Bush election. They abandoned advertising support a while back to concentrate on the ability to put your face into their animations (for a fee).

Asked if advertising works for his industry, Gregg Spiridellis responds: “To support a high-quality produced product at scale — no way. Absolutely no way.” He admits that advertising might work great as part of a larger strategy if you already have your production costs covered, adding: “If someone is saying: I want to do webisodes, I want to produce a series of two-minute comedy shorts and I want to make a lot of money with advertising, I’d say: ‘You’re probably not, but good luck.’”