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Mozilla’s support of Ogg likely to help Flash?

Mozilla’s support of Ogg likely to help Flash?

Working on the assumption that Flash will be provided as a fall-back position for desktop browsers, Mozilla will keep Flash alive because it’s unlikely that Ogg codecs will dominate. This is particularly likely now that Microsoft have announced that IE 9 will support HTML5’s <video> tag with H.264 video.

The other driver is the mobile space where H.264 is hardware accelerated but Ogg is very unlikely to be. Mozilla does not have much of a mobile business for Firefox so they are ignoring this growing and likely dominant outlet.






2 responses to “Mozilla’s support of Ogg likely to help Flash?”

  1. lin2log

    Why do I think you *completely* missed his point??

    1. Because you didn’t understand the article? If you think I missed the point, why not explain why?