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Chamber of Commerce posts bogus IP study as if it were researched

Chamber of Commerce posts bogus IP study as if it was researched

How do we expose these charletans? Do they think that no-one will examine what the study actually considered and what factual conclusion could reasonably be made, instead of the insane headline, which is antithetical to any known real research. (Even the US Government Accounting Office comes up with research that suggests “piracy” is a net good for the enterntainment industry.)

Of course, they get away with this type of behavior because the “media” (newspapers and television) do not actually read the research. They grab the headline and press release and publish it as if they had done some work.

The US Chamber of Commerce (which many people mistakenly think is a government organization — it’s not) has a long history ofgetting the facts wrong about intellectual property. The folks at the Chamber of Commerce have one basic mission, which is to protect the big businesses that fund it. And what better way to do that then to have the government help give them monopoly rights and then enforce those rights. The latest is that it has released a report which it falsely claims proves that stricter IP enforcement would boost the economy. But that’s not what the report actually says. The Chamber of Commerce hired NPD Group to write this report, and you can read the results yourself (pdf). It’s significantly weaker than even the most ridiculous studies we’ve seen in the past.