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Contrary opinon to the Chamber of Commerce report [Updated]

Conrary opinon to CoC Fair Use (loose IP laws) grows Trillions of $$ in US alone Somewhere btwn 2 istudies s fact

Two studies, same day, and yet this study shows that Trillions of $$ in the US alone are because of the Fair Use provisions of the Copyright legislation.  Few studies ever consider the upside of loose IP law because most studies are intended to support the (unsubstantiated to date) assertions from the RIAA, MPAA and their cousins on how much harm they’re suffering. Except their industries are not suffering, just their obsolete business models.

This report also acknowledges how hard it is to get really accurate figures on any of this, something the pro tighter copyright (pay us for every listen or view) tend not to do, wanting us to believe their rubbery, fudgy figures are in some way connected to reality.

Change in business models is inevitable. Just as lamplighters, linytype operators and buggy whip manufacturers.

[Update] I love the way Boing Boing puts this:

The “fair use economy” is enormous, growing, and endangered by the relatively tiny entertainment industry

The report is a counterpoint to those crazy Hollywood stats that show that every job in America will disappear unless copyright is extended to infinity, all network connections are surveilled, and every infringer is fined her entire net worth and stuck in jail.