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If ‘Piracy’ Is Killing Filmmaking, why do Nigeria, China and India have movie businesses?

If ‘Piracy’ Is Killing Filmmaking, Why Do Nigeria, China And India Have Thriving Movie Businesses? Damned good question!

As China, Nigeria and India are hotbeds of “piracy”, why is it that they still have thriving (bigger than Hollywood) movie production and distribution  businesses?  If we actually listened to the garbage that the MPAA puts out (usually without factual basis) then conventional wisdom would be that piracy is killing the movie business (and yet the movie business keeps having record years).

Perhaps it’s not piracy, just an unwillingness to understand how the world has changed combined with a distaste for actually providing value. Movie theater owners: stop treating people like criminals and perhaps they’d come back. Stop overcharging for garbage food and beverage; make an experience that people want. Adapt and provide value, then you’ll discover that piracy is not the problem: you, the studios and the executives therein are the problem.