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The latest XDCAM updates

The latest XDCAM updates (for those who care)

Firmware updates, wireless logging and other improvements for the XDCAM product family. Including this:

The PDW-HR1 will also get an update in the near future. The HR1 is a mobile XDCAM disc player and recorder, but if you look on the side of it you’ll also find two SxS card slots. New firmware will allow footage from an EX camera to be transferred onto an XDCAM disc. The video clips can be transferred as data (into the UserData folder on the disc) or transcoded to match the codecs found in the XDCAM HD camcorders. This is a great product for anyone mixing XDCAM disc and SxS cards.

XDCAM EX backup to XDCAM discs. Sony claim the discs have a life > 30 years. Will the format?