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If you’re not totally bored with Adobe v Apple re Flash…

If you’re not totally bored re Apple v Adobe re Flash MC Seigler “Adobe You Brought An Advertisement To A Gun Fight”

Adobe, no one seems to want to say this to you, but I will. Stop it, you’re embarrassing yourself.

You’ve just spent God-knows how much money on an ad buy that blankets much of the technology press (including this site). It’s a strange passive-aggressive message that just makes Jobs’ aggressive-aggressive post from a few weeks ago seem even more forceful. And it’s transparent. But worst of all, it won’t work. You must know this.

Jim Whimpey also has his say about who is really “open” and who is claiming to be open but isn’t:

Adobe: not open, claim to be.

Apple: not open, don’t claim to be, contribute heavily to that which is truly open.