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Iron Sky Releases First Footage to raise donations

Iron Sky Releases First Footage to Get Donations Followup movie from Star Wrek producers

Iron Sky is the next production from the producers of the amazing Star Wrek, which was created in a small 11×12′ room despite being set in the vast reaches of space. 3D CG and smart use of green screen and compositing created a big screen feel for Star Wrek.

Production of Iron Sky, the storyline for which involves Nazis that escaped to the moon at the end of World War II ready to come back to Earth, involves more than 1,500 volunteers and a big donor base, which Energia is tapping into to cover half of the movie’s production costs. The movie’s total budget is €6.5 million (about $8.2 million), the biggest budget ever for a Finish movie, according to Iron Sky director Timo Vuorensola. Iron Sky will be professionally distributed in theaters, and the soundtrack is from the Slovenian Industrial group Laibach.