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Pro Apps Interface update?

Pro Apps Interface update? Job ads might suggest Not surprising considering what is to be done.

It makes sense that they’re hiring interface designers. Final Cut Pro (next) needs to transfer from using the current interface to the Pro Apps Kit interface framework that is used by Motion, Soundtrack Pro, Compressor and Cinema Tools. (And for the late LiveType.) Even when remaking similar interfaces (as most of FCP (next) will be) there’s still a lot of work to be done, and presumably they’ll add in one or two new features!

I’m personally hoping that the Bin/Browser structure gets updated so we can see all the Source Metadata from cameras without having to use miniME. Plus I’d expect it’ll be 64 bit (as most Apple software already is) and take advantage of Grand Central Dispatch and OpenCL to give Mercury-Engine-like performance.






2 responses to “Pro Apps Interface update?”

  1. That wil be a very ambitious release if they can fit all that into it.

  2. Contrary to what the original post suggests, I think the job listings may have been around for a while: