Oprah Winfrey Network “Documentary Club”

Oprah Winfrey Network “Documentary Club” http://bit.ly/dt5WQi Will Oprah do for docs what she did with Book Club and how do I get doc in?

  • Inspired by Oprah’s celebrated Book Club, OWN’s documentary film club will include a primetime airing on the channel, an online community experience on OWN.tv, and potentially, a nationwide theatrical screening event.
  • The application of the Book Club model to a dedicated documentary slot could be a game-changer for the niche:
    • Time magazine reported that book publishers credit an Oprah endorsement with increasing print runs by up to 500%.
    • According to a 2005 Business Week report on the book-buying ‘frenzies’ that Ms Winfrey inspired: “Publishers estimate that her power to sell a book is anywhere from 20 to 100 times that of any other media personality.”