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Studios-with their aging business models-get to break our TVs!

Studios-with their aging business models, get to break TVs as well.

This is a really, really bad decision by the FCC. There is no reason Studios and networks get to break out TVs by disabling outputs, just to support their outdated and unchanging business models.  They fought for the Broadcast Flag many times over the last decade and I’m incredibly disappointed that the current administration gave it to them.

A truly bad decision. Studios and Networks need to adapt their business models – which they appear to be incapable of – or simply die a natural death. The sooner the better.

Here’s Bob Pisano, President and Interim CEO of the Motion Picture Association of America lying:

“This action is an important victory for consumers who will now have far greater access to see recent high-definition movies in their homes,”

There is nothing that is good for the consumer.  There have been already many releases in this “impossible” window. It’s just bad business decisions and a complicit (bad) Government.

Still it could have been worse had the Studios got what they really wanted. At least there are these restrictions:

Cable companies won’t be able to shut off analog signals on TVs and video recorders any time they want, only when a subscriber has purchased one of the early-run, on-demand movies.

Cable and satellite companies also have to stop blocking the analog signals when the movies are released on DVD.