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What iPads did to Chuck Hollis’ Family

What iPads did to Chuck hollis’ Family Exactly what i imagine normal people will do with iPads. I am not normal 😉

This is interesting, if you consider this anecdotal evidence with Charlie Stross’ “The Real Reason Steve Jobs Hates Flash” (don’t worry, it’s way more significant than the current battleground – read the full story, it is important)

Seems to me that Jobs is betting that the cloud-oriented (based?) life on an iPad will be the next generation of computing; and the anecdotal evidence seems to suggest that maybe it’s a fairly safe bet.

i still don’t know how I’d use it but maybe, if it could give me anywhere, anytime access to whatever “other” computer I might have – like a MacBook Pro – then I think there would be times when this would be an attractive alternative to my main computer. But still, how couldn’t I do this on my iPhone? (If I had one.)







2 responses to “What iPads did to Chuck Hollis’ Family”

  1. auramac

    First of all- “there would be times.”

    Not “their,” possessive. “Their times, not yours, or mine. There, First, there is a mountain, then there is no mountain, then there is.

    Second- Steve Jobs is almost always right.

    Third- Flash sucks. And so does Adobe.

    1. Fixed the typo, thanks. I should not blog while carrying on a conversation with my mom!