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Why the Broadcast TV Networks are toast

Why the Broadcast TV Networks Are Toast Maybe a little optimistic!!

Clay Sharkey (in an article I’ve commented on and want to write more about) talks about the Collapse of Complex systems (business models). The Broadcast Television industry is a complex business model that will be dramatically simpler in the future, so they must collapse completely if Sharkey is right (and I tend to think he is). That’s probably not exactly what Diane Mermigas means but she’s on the road:

Don’t be surprised if at least one of the Big Four broadcast networks is sold or dismantled in the next 24 months.

They are failing business models whose brand value is meaningful mostly to strained local TV station affiliates, many of whom are also fighting to survive.

Let’s hope she’s right. The quicker the dinosaurs fail, the faster the “new media mammals” can thrive.