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Things You Can or Can’t Fix in Post: Video Acquisition

Mark Schubin’s presentation from the San Francisco Public Television Quality Workshop, June 8, 2010.

This presentation consists of one PowerPoint and four MOV video clips (download each file):
Schubin-SFPTVQW-Acquisition (PPT, 22 MB)
Mounts-the_Problem_(slide10) (MOV, 8 MB)
Mounts-Fixed_in_Post_(slide11) (MOV, 8 MB)
Mounts-Not_Exactly_Fixed_(slide12) (MOV, 6 MB)
Rolling_Shutter_(slide61) (MOV, 11 MB)

You will have to play the video clips manually based on the on-screen prompts in the PowerPoint.

I had the pleasure of producing Mark Schubin’s The Schubin Report for NewBay Media for nearly 18 months – two episodes a month. It was great work because, not only was I reasonably well paid, the whole time I listened to Mark, I was learning!


Pre-buy a frame of a movie to fund it?

The makers of The Tunnel, a horror movie set in the tunnels bored beneath Sydney (Australia) are looking at a rather unique way to fund the movie:

The funding for the film is being handled by the ‘135K project’ – a reference to the 135,000 frames that will be present in the finished 90 minute movie. A freshly launched website invites people to invest directly by buying a single frame of the movie for $1, 25 frames (1 second) for $25 or a minute for $1,500.

Now that’s not a huge budget – around $168,000 – but for an independent feature it can be enough.

This approach was decided on with the (accurate) realization that there’s no way of fighting unauthorized distribution so you might as well move forward understanding that.

No media these days is excluded from becoming available on the Internet, and Enzo’s previous production was no different.

“It just takes a quick Google search to see the endless torrents for that [Food Matters], too. The production company was nowhere near big enough to even try and fight it, so it was accepted that it would happen. So this time around I figured we should try and embrace that huge potential audience and make it a part of our strategy,” he told us.

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