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Adobe Unveils Apple-Compliant Digital Publishing Platform

Adobe Unveils Apple-Compliant ‘Digital Publishing Platform’ For iPad Media Apps Much better than complaining Adobe.

A few days ago I posted a link under the title “Kudos to Adobe” noting that they created an Apple-compliant reader for Wired Magazine’s iPad edition. They’ve now announced an addition to CS5 for creating these magazines:

Adobe announced Tuesday that a new component to its Creative Suite 5 software — used widely in the publishing industry to, among other things, create glossy magazines — was used to create the Apple-compliant digital version of Wired Magazine. The development puts Adobe squarely back in the high-stakes tablet game with a “legal” way for publishers who already use their popular layout and production suite to create dead-tree output to efficiently create derivative digital versions for the iPad.

This is the Adobe I love – creating great publishing technologys – rather than the whiny “why won’t Apple support our business” mode.