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Some cool tools for Final Cut Pro from Edit Mule

Auto-Collapse for FCP Tidy up those timelines by collapsing redundant layers, removing unused parts of clips, etc. Looks powerful and useful.

We often create or are presented with messy, confusing timelines… This is the perfect way to simplify unwieldy timelines… It’s ideal for efficient use of drive space before media managing and re-conforming; and also for consolidating sequences to one track for exporting old style CMX EDL’s.

Filter Removal for FCP. Unlike Final Cut Pro’s Filter Removal tool, this one allows selective removal.

So often we find ourselves with sequences with tons of filters of all varieties. For example, say you have a whole sequence that’s been de-interlaced, colour corrected, with some maybe blur and film effect filters peppered around too, and you want to remove just the interlace filter… its impossible without deleting all the others. The workaround for this little problem is as tedious as it gets, you’ve got to pick through each and every clip and manually delete each of those pesky de-interlace filters… Now with EM Filter Remover you simply select the sequence whose filters you want to edit, and it does it all for you!

And one more that I didn’t tweet about is Auto Scratch. Automatically set the Scratch Disk to follow the project. Yah!

Particularly useful for machines and facilities with many operators and projects… EM Auto Scratch remembers where each projects render files and media destinations are meant to be, even when you hop between projects. No more excuses for colleagues who’ve accidentally deleted all the media for the project you’ve been working on for months!

Until today I wasn’t even aware of Edit Mule – out of the UK and creating some nice tools.