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I’ve just uploaded some computer edited videos to YouTube

As well as showing the software in action, this series of videos show the results from the software. Each “edit” is based on a set of story keywords (logged with the clips) and a duration. Lower Thirds are automatic; story arc is automatic; b-roll is automatic; audio from b-roll is faded in and out and dropped in volume. All automatically and in seconds.

The project is about a young triple threat – singer, dancer, actor – Tim Draxl, discovered in Sydney when he was just short of his 18th birthday.

He played Rolf in a professional touring production in Australia in 2000 and his career has blossomed from there, and the three CD deal he has with Sony Universal: the first when he was 18!

Remember, these edits were done in seconds, from selects using Assisted Editing’s First Cuts software. And yes, this is my baby (along with Dr Greg Clarke).

The Sound of Music Edit

Without limits – about 13 minutes of material.

Four minute limit set. Edit is tighter and only the best material makes it to the edit.


Growing Up

Tim grew up partly in Australia and partly in Austria as his father worked as a ski instructor. This is the unlimited version of the “Growing Up” edit.

[Update: I forgot the 10 minute limit so one of the movies was too long and YouTube can’t distinguish between a 6 minute cut and a 4 minute cut, thinking they’re the same. Fortunately the videos are also available on our site. The Growing up unlimited  and six minute versions are available at]

And finally with a 4 minute limit.



2 responses to “I’ve just uploaded some computer edited videos to YouTube”

  1. Tonk

    Too bad ALL sequences with audio from Tim are panned either COMPLETELY to the left or right… WTF?? Not to mention two clips missing *completely* due to YouTube restrictions… nice try tho.

    (the comment system seems all effed up TOO!! Geezus…)

    1. Posts from a first-time commenter are held for moderation. If you comment at night it might not be approved until next morning. I wondered if the music might not cause YouTube some problems. The panning would be because that’s the way they’re panning in the selects, not due to a flaw in the software. All the videos are available at in non-YouTube versions.