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I’m blown away!

I’m blown away! Just heard my TV Academy Pro Dev presentation Jun 18 has 300 signups in first week! Exactly a week and there’s still a week and a half to go before the event.

Even though a lot of people register and don’t turn up, that’ll be a very big crowd for this type of event.







2 responses to “I’m blown away!”

  1. Philip,
    Congrats on the response. I hope you read this as interest by those in the geographic area that can attend. Please also consider the greater “geographically displaced” of us that could benefit from the presentation if there is a way to have it recorded. I’m sure you have the tech for its sale/distribution and can determine its value!
    Thanks in advance and good luck.

    1. I know they record these Professional Development events – I’ve seen the cameras there. What I don’t know and will have to find out, is what they actually do with them afterward. Because it’s an official TV Aademy event it’s played out under those rules.