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Up To Half Of All Media Sites Plan to Support the iPad and HTML 5 video.

Up To Half Of All Media Sites Plan To Support The iPad And HTML5 Video I think that amounts to a bandwaggon!

So it’s not just iPad, that’s support for iPhone and iTouch as well. Those 50 million or so devices without Flash have caused a definite trend.  But it’s not quite as clear as it might seem. H.264 MP4 video is also playable in Flash and Silverlight and some H.264 encoded video is for those targets.

According to the survey, 49 percent plan to support HTML5 video on their media sites by the end of next year, and 36 percent plan to support video on the iPad either through dedicated apps or an iPad compatible Website.

At first blush, these two numbers don’t seem to make much sense. If 49 percent of media sites are going to support HTML5 video, then by default they will also support the iPad. But if you drill down into the survey responses on whether they plan to support the iPad specifically, a full 19 percent wouldn’t disclose one way or the other. Add that to the 36 percent who say they will support the iPad, and you get close to half, which is the same as how many say they will support HTML5 video. What this tells me is that either there is still some confusion on the part of the Web video industry or that there is more support for broader standards like HTML5 video which will work across different devices like Android phones and tablets.