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Announcing The Terence and Philip Show

Terry Curren and Philip Hodgetts bring their not-politically-correct opinions on Avid, Adobe, Apple, post production, production, distribution and pretty much anything they want to talk about.

The show has no fixed duration or schedule, taking the form of a free-form discussion between the hosts, who bring their years of industry knowledge to the discussion.

If you remember back to when I hosted the Digital Production BuZZ and the last segment – the BuZZ in Depth officially – that Michael Horton generally referred to as “the rant”, then this is kind of like that but with Terry Curren’s perspective as well. For any of you that don’t know Terry:

Terence Curren has had a passion for filmed entertainment since the age of 12, when he began creating home movies with an old eight-millimeter camera.

He began his career in the early 1980s by directing, editing and producing music videos and a direct-to-video feature film. In 1986, he spearheaded the evolution of a major post-production facility’s edit bays, where he became senior editor in short order. His reviews and tutorials of emerging post technologies have appeared in Post, DV Magazine and other publications.

His extensive knowledge of the Avid along with his rich editorial and color-correction experience, has earned him the recognition of his peers and a legion of loyal clients.

And if you like the new show, thank Keith Larsen who first came up with the idea and name of the show. If you don’t like it, you know who to blame!

The new show has no connection with the Digital Production BuZZ. I will continue to contribute there as and when Larry Jordan would like me to.



CloudCanvas HTML5 Image Creation and Editing tool.

CloudCanvas Launches HTML5 Image Creation And Editing Suite

While Adobe have given some indication that it’s moving to provide the creation tools for HTML5, with their Lab project add-on to Dreamweaver for HTML5, the addition of a competing comprehensive tool is good news for the HTML5 ecosystem and long term prospects for even more widespread adoption. More interestingly this is a browser-based “cloud” application.

CloudCanvas allows both novice doodlers and expert designers to create, store, edit and embed images into the suite. The suite, which supports both vector and bitmap images, includes a standard roster of simple image tools similar to offline image editing suites (i.e. Photoshop), including polygons, circles, painting, layers, brushes and others. And the suite includes more advanced editing tools such as bezier curves, blurring, drop shadow and bevel filters.

Additionally, CloudCanvas is integrated with Google Images search and DeviantArt libraries to import images into the suite and includes over 30,000 clipart and templates within the suite. The suite also includes 500 fonts ready to use on the web and support saving in PNG and SVG formats

YouTube testing hybrid HTML5/Flash embeds

Just another data point along the way but it does seem Flash is slowly falling out of favor. Vimeo added HTML 5 support in January and pretty much every content distribution network now has support for HTML5 as well as Flash. YouTube’s owner, Google, is one of the major HTML5 proponents.

Since launching its HTML5 player, YouTube has offered a similar viewing experience on its own site, though the convenience was not carried out to embedded videos. Instead, these linked to the clip in an Adobe Flash wrapper, which mobile devices like the iPhone and Android could identify and re-route to the source clip, but browsers without that logic built-in would see nothing at all. The new code fixes that.

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