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High Quality Fan Flick Leads To $8 M Funding

High Quality Fan Flick Leads To $8 Million Hybrid Fan/Investor Funded Pro Film

If you missed Star Wreck a couple of years back, you should take the time to revisit. I was privileged to interview the founders on the Digital Production BuZZ back when I was more actively involved in that show. Made in a 10×12′ room, on green screen, even the main deck is a composite shot if there are more than 2 people in it. The animation work was amazing. It was the work of a core crew of dozens and more than 300 people were involved at some point in the three year creation process.

Well, the success of that film – it’s made a lot of money despite being available for free download and is the most popular Finnish movie ever.

They’ve been working on the sequel for some time and the good news is that it’s been funded with a combination of fan funding and more traditional professional funding in a combination not tried before.

But what’s most interesting to me is how this story progressed. It went from some fans messing around and creating a rather impressive film visually speaking, to a new $8.5 million production. $8.5M is still a small amount from a movie-making perspective, but it’s not nothing. Plenty of excellent indie films have been made for a lot less. And, of course, you never know what happens next, after this film is made as well. And that was really the point. It was never that the model that created Star Wreck was the answer, but that the overall ecosystem is evolving, and its evolving to a world where the fans and the community really area a part of things, rather than looked at as evil people who just want stuff for free. Embracing your community leads to wonderful possibilities.

Seems maybe you don’t need $200m for every blockbuster!