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“Our Footloose Remake” Beats Paramount

Our Footloose Remake Beats Paramount to the Punch

More an exploration of what can be done, than a serious approach for all production, they did manage to get a Footloose remake done before Paramount can.

Each team was assigned one scene from the film to recreate however they saw fit, leading to the following tally: 33 different Rens (played by Bacon in the original), 15 different Reverend Shaw Moores (played by John Lithgow in the original) and 27 different Ariels (played by Lori Singer originally). The result is an insane but delightful mashup of styles and approaches — parody, animation, puppets, Dance Dance Revolution homage, reverse motion, video remix, stop-motion — with instances of both male and female drag, puppets, puppies and amazingly bad wigs.

And yes, they knew it wouldn’t make money. In my database of production funding methods, this will go in “Gimmicks”.