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Science enters iPhone 4 Aerial debate!

Science enters iPhone 4 Aerial debate! Turns out Consumer Reports may not have had the most rigorous science in their testing.

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But, of course, rational discourse doesn’t boost page views at websites, so we get the wildly irrational comments from those who just want to take Apple down a peg.

Ultimately I think Techcrunch has the last word after pointing out that the big fuss over Facebook Privacy that was going to cause everyone to leave Facebook just two months ago, and yet Facebook has had their best month ever:

The reality of the situations in these massively-hyped controversies is often quite boring. No one is quitting Facebook over privacy concerns because most people are oblivious or simply don’t give a shit (sometimes for good reason, sometimes not). In fact, Facebook is growing just as fast as before. Maybe faster. And millions of people are going to continue to buy the iPhone 4 because it’s the phone they want. If there’s a problem with the reception, they’ll deal with it by moving their hands a few inches or buying a bumper.

But no one wants to read those stories. Hell, I don’t want to write those stories. They’re boring. No service is dying, no users are getting maimed. But often, that’s the way it is.

BTW, I’m placing my iPhone 4 order today.






3 responses to “Science enters iPhone 4 Aerial debate!”

  1. Phil, I am not surprised about this uproar.
    the iPhone4 DOES have a design problem that a simply bumper can fix.
    I have seen multiple online videos showing how touching it in a location does make the signal drop “more” then one would expect considering this is a common issue.
    So we have a problem that should have stopped the phone from being released if known about. (It happens to everyone)

    Steve ignores it….

    The hyper over the top media engine, as it does for the positives with Apple is working for the negatives, and as Steve did the wrong thing by the end users. ITS A MASSIVE STORY.

    If they only gave out free bumpers and did not change $30 for a 10c piece of rubber.

    Then getting caught falsifying signal strength to make the phone look like it has better reception then other phones.

    All very bad decisions that give the media good ammunition for clicks.

    I am actually surprised it has taken this long to get this bad.
    Steve was that arrogant about it that he LET it get this bad.

    Let the press conference begin. Its time to see the grand final of “SPIN”


  2. So you’re saying people are not always rational. That’s not much of a surprise to me. Was it to you?

    This statement, “No one is quitting Facebook over privacy concerns”, is flat out wrong. They could have said “few” but they choose “no one”, and I know of at least one person who jumped through all the hoops to delete his web page; Leo Laporte.

    Here’s a statement, by me, that should get some people riled up.

    Most people believe in scientific facts the same way religious people believe in their religion. How many people have read articles in peer-reviewed or refereed scholarly journals about all, and I me all, the things they believe to be scientifically proven true?

    Yet they will argue about what they’ve been told by someone or read in a popular article or seen on TV, almost to the death, about what can only be a strongly held belief.

    I’m one of those people to. Most everyone is. The difference is most aren’t aware of it. It helps me cope with life to realize that anything think I know may be wrong.

    And I’m not ever getting an iPhone because I don’t want a $100-a-month monkey on my back and I don’t appreciate Steve Jobs trying to act like my mother.

    But he does makes some sweet desktop computers. My Mac Pro is the finest piece of electronic computer hardware I’ve ever owned. (Much better than my Altair 8800.:)



  3. Philip Hodgetts

    You got me on the technicality. What I meant was there is no increased rate of quitting Facebook. Even Jason Calicanis who make a huge song and dance about quitting is still on there!.

    I want the portable computer-with phone that is iPhone. It’ll make me more productive as life changes and I’m away from desk/laptop more these days, and in coming months.

    People are certainly not rational, but I try and make sure I can equally argue both sides of an argument before I determine a position. I also like to act on data not rumor or expectation.

    I’m happier that way, but I have very low level of tolerance for “fools” – people who do not take the time to keep themselves well informed but still express an opinion. Those people will likely think me rude.