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The Shocking Media Habits Of 8-18 year olds.

The Shocking Media Habits Of 8-18 Year Olds

Henry Blodget takes another look at the Kaiser Family Foundation survey of 2000 families about the media habits of 8-18 year olds. As this group grows, they become “the new normal” for media consumption.

No real surprises in the results, but how very different is the audience for broadcast Television where more than half the audience are outside the desirable 18-40 demographic.

Other results from the Kaiser survey:

  • Kids consume a heck of a lot of media–and more all the time.  Basically, if kids are awake, they’re consuming media.  And, increasingly, they’re consuming multiple forms of media at the same time.
  • Kids’ print media consumption is tiny and falling.
  • Kids’ digital media consumption is going through the roof.