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Why People Hate Ads and Love [Good] SEO

Why People Hate Ads and Love [good] SEO SEO is Search Engine Optimization – making your site more visible to Google and other search engines, and therefore to the world.

Advertising, in general is intrusive and irrelevant. Intrusive because I’m generally on the page or watching the program for reasons other than buying a car, banking, tampons, et al. Ads are so intrusive to me, that I go out of my way to avoid them. On the web it’s Adbock and ClicktoFlash that makes it feasible to surf the web without bleeding eyes. For TV it’s harder. I could buy (that which is available) from iTunes but that’s about 4-8 times more expensive than the revenue networks get from advertising against premium content so I feel ripped off. (Does the word Usury have any meaning to those people?)

So I’m with the author:

I hate ads. I’m not the only one. Most people hate annoying ads. People hate ads on the Web and block them using a plethora of tools. They also hate outdoor ads and TV ads. They hate them

  • for the interruption
  • for the blatant lies 
  • for the selling of fake lifestyles

On the other hand I’ll occasonally click on a sponsored link from search advertising because a) it’s relevant to something I’m interested in and b) incredibly unobtrusive. It’s really easy to ignore the text links on a Google results page.

It’s the SEO experts who make the pages as relevant and Google friendly as the search giant needs them to appear on top.

No site matches Google’s expectations by itself. It takes people who work hard to make it relevant. 

That’s why people love SEO. SEO ensures quality of search results in order to fulfill people’s wishes. The people get what they want when they want it because of SEO. Google only responds to what webmasters and SEOs do.