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YouTube to increase upload limit to 15 minutes

YouTube to increase upload limit from 10 to 15 minutes

Overall an evolutionary move with YouTube, which has progressively increased the file size limit, the highest quality limit (although I don’t buy “4K”) and now an extended duration for those who aren’t YouTube Partners. YouTube Partners have been exempt from the duration limit for a while now.

Just think about it: the move would bring 50% more “haul videos,” from shopaholic teen girls; 50% more crazytime rants from random dudes; 50% more hamster montages; and 50% more double (whoah that’s almost a triple) rainbows.

Why now? I don’t know. Why not? But I’d put my money partially on the company’s recent win in the Viacom case, and a sense that they’ve now figured out more effectively how to help the big content owners (labels, movie studios, TV networks) identify infringing uploads, which might tend to fall largely in that longer-form category.