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Red Princess Blues distributes via iTunes App

Red Princess Blues distibutes movie via iTunes App

A long time ago I started a post titled “The future of distribution is an out-of-browser experience” thinking something like apps. This was before iTunes apps were even available. More recently I postulated on how a production could use an App as its central home in a post facetiously titled How do you get Disney to fund your next production that used a combination of iAds for funding and app for video (both pre- and production content) with in-App commerce.

Well, Red Prince Blues have done the distribution side already – see the iTunes App link above. But making an app is challenging for creative filmmakers or TV producers, so maybe we need an Xcode project template like Chris Mayer has provided for publishing a book as an iDevices App.



The insanity of music licensing!

The insanity of music licensing in a single graphic No wonder new services have trouble innovating.

This is what happens when you keep duct-taping new regulations or laws on a framework that was designed to *encorage new works” NOT “give certain creators or their agents unlimited control of the work”.

And so we get this insanity.

Today’s Entertainment Drivers Are Watching Online Video

The audience Erick Hachenburg is referring to as “Entertainment Drivers” are the 18-34 year olds who adopt technology early, become enthusiasts and influencers.

Their tastes and preferences typically have a dramatic impact on entertainment choices, media consumption patterns and consumer purchasing trends across demographic groups. They define pop culture and determine breakout hits. Their consumption of online video today has immediate and long-range implications for brand advertisers.

They’re not watching traditional network or cable channels. They have no cable service generally and watch TV on their computers or portable devices. A good summary of what today’s influencer are doing and why:

WHY: Short professional online videos rival TV shows in entertainment value, with 31% of respondents finding them equally or more entertaining than watching full-length TV shows on a television.

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