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Hurt Locker: Why no Takedown notices?

Hurt Locker Still Shared Widely Online; Wonder Why Producers Aren’t Issuing Takedowns?

In what is clearly a new business model for filmmakers, the producers of Hurt Locker look set to make more money from “settlements” than it did from the box office.

If the above scenario becomes reality, The Hurt Locker would make $25 million in settlements alone in the coming months. This number could of course go much higher, as thousands of people are still downloading the movie every day.

With this $25 million the film makers would have collected more money from BitTorrent users than they did from U.S. movie theater visitors. Despite the recognition from Academy members and the huge success among downloaders, the U.S box office revenue has been relatively low at $16.4 million.

No wonder they haven’t filed DMCA take-down notices. It’s not in their best interested to prevent unauthorized copying (something that has never been show to harm a film’s revenue) because they stand to make more money from suing (on flimsy evidence that probably wont’ stand up in court if any of these get there, unlike Tennenbaum et al, which were Kaza or eDonkey based) than from distributing the film in a traditional manner.

Congratulations for finding a way to make unauthorized distribution pay. And turn fans against you.