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RIAA: The DMCA Isn’t Working.

RIAA: The DMCA Isn’t Working

I just love the insanity that is Carey Sherman of the RIAA who states:

“You cannot monitor all the infringements on the Internet. It’s simply not possible,” says RIAA President Cary Sherman. “We don’t have the ability to search all the places infringing content appears, such as cyberlockers like [file-hosting firm] RapidShare.”

But expects that ISPs can do that which he has just said isn’t possible.  Insanity. Either these people are shameless, shameless liars, or simply totally incompetent. I vote for totally incompetent having grown up on monopoly “rents” they simply cannot adapt to changing circumstances where their role is nearly irrelevant (if there is still a role for Record Companies at all in five years).

As the article concludes:

As it is, the DMCA protects online service providers — especially smaller ones — from living in fear of lawsuits and having to spend money and resources to patrol for infringing material. The most important question, however, is whether private corporations such as ISPs (which can monitor all of your online communication) should really be responsible for figuring out who’s breaking the law.