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TV advertising skipped by 86% of Viewers

TV advertising skipped by 86% of viewers

People speed through the ads and yet, TV advertising is the “most memorable”. Shows the power of a well-made ad reaching an appropriately targeted audience. Pity that rarely happens and most of the time it’s trashy ads with no targeting or relevance.

“Questions over the relevance of the traditional television advert have been raised for years, yet when asked about their most favoured video format, respondents voted for the standard 30-second commercial,” said James Bates, media partner at Deloitte.

“Online advertising’s poor showing relative to television may surprise, given that the former has often been portrayed as television’s nemesis.

“What television does best – display and brand building – is what online struggles with. Online advertising is best at search, which previously newspapers, particularly for classified, had excelled at.”

Brand building supposedly does not require “targeting” but while ever the bate-and-swith model of advertising rules, Television, I avoid TV.