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Are we getting our money’s worth?

Are we getting our money’s worth?

Not really specific to production but an interesting take on how people perceive value. I know I’ve been guilty of similar illogical perceptions. I would drive out of my way, make a second stop and add 10 minutes to the task to avoid a $1.60 ATM fee at the destination. Even if my time was only $20 an hour, that’s $3.33 of time to save $1.60. Since my hourly rate is way up from that, the perceived value of saving the $1.60 terminal fee was ridiculous.

This is also why, I believe, people “hiccup” when they’re asked to pay for TV. Of course the ridiculous amounts being charged are also at play.

But rarely do we consider the “why.” Why do I need this? Why do I think this is so important to have? Why am I buying this thing, right now? Why not later? Why buy it at all? Why do I think this thing will improve or enhance my life? Why do I want friends to see that I have this? Why am I always thinking about this?

The why is an easy question to ask but sometimes a difficult question to get an answer to. But the more you can honestly dig into your “why,” the closer you’ll get to your real motivations. And at the heart of our filters are our motivations—the things that inspire us to act and do and ultimately to buy.