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Iron Maiden Connects With Fans and the Fans Buy.

Iron Maiden Connects With Fans And The Fans Buy

I believe that the secret formula for monetizing media is based on Techdirt’s CwF+RtB=profit. Connecting with Fans and giving them a Reason to Buy. Iron Maiden have known this for years as they had to connect with their fans instead of relying on radio promotion to get the word out.

Now that the traditional revenue channels are drying up because they don’t serve the market well, that fan connection seems to be working for Iron Maiden, where there latest CD is selling very well on CD and has limited unauthorized download.

Then again, when you consider the advice from the band’s manager on why they’re successful…

“Invest in the long term. Apply an image. Give the fans what they want. Tour and keep touring. Play the festival circuit. Embrace new technology. Be innovative. Be honest. Be original. Write good songs.”

…you realize that maybe the product from the MPAA studios and RIAA labels just isn’t that great any more.