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Online Video Discovery Shifting from Search to Social Media

Online Video Discovery Shifting From Search To Social Media

Apart from the randomness of finding new programming by flipping channels (and the inefficiency thereof) most people either saw an advertisement for a program or got a recommendation from friends. Back when we had a homogenous TV viewing culture – where there was limited choice – this was the “water  cooler” effect where people discussed the previous night’s TV with each other.

Online people tended to search because of the difficulty of finding new programming that might interest them. But now the trend is back to human recommendation via social media. We’ve come full circle back to where we started.

Even in the depths of the recession, online video ad growth continued to surge by double digits. Spending is still expected to rise robustly over the next few years, but a report from cloud-based online video platform Brightcove and video analytics provider TubeMogul the sites that have been benefiting from the online video’s growth could change. Not surprisingly, Facebook emerges as key traffic driver for online video, with Twitter another major avenue for viewers. Referral traffic for online video from Facebook and Twitter is actually growing faster than refers from traditional search engines. At current growth rates, Facebook will surpass Yahoo (NSDQ: YHOO) within the year to be the second only to Google (NSDQ: GOOG) for video referral traffic, the report finds.

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