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Some nice comments from my “New Now Part 2” Presentation in OC last week.

Some nice comments from my “New Now Pt 2” seminar in OC last week. Based on the New Now Book

Twice in OC in two weeks: initially for MCA-I OC with part one of The New Now presentation then back last week for part 2 at OCCMA. OCCMA got part 1 about a year ago.

Philip Hodgetts will join us again for part 2 of his presentation for ways to increase your income in today’s environment. Last year he covered:

* Defining and creating a brand, 
* Your Selling Proposition and how to phrase it Social Marketing.

The New Now, Part 2 goes on to cover:

* Getting more customers and more sales; 
* Advertising (Display Ads vs Search; Adsense, Adwords) 
* Cutting Costs – Producing less expensively (Lower cost, same income equals higher profits) 
* Working smarter, using the Internet better to get paid faster, and 
* Finding your own income.







2 responses to “Some nice comments from my “New Now Part 2” Presentation in OC last week.”

  1. Chris

    Seriously though, when can we pay $.99/hr to watch these presentations! 😉

  2. When I get organized enough to do recordings I could be proud of. The TV Academy recoding is OK (SD 4:3) but I don’t have the OK to distribute!